Adelaide Employers Covid-19 Benefits

The effects of the novel corona virus have been felt worldwide. The business sector has been significantly affected, and many business owners have been left devastated and stuck. Some have closed their businesses, furloughed workers, while others don’t know the next step to take.

With COVID-19 derailing the efforts of many business owners to keep their businesses running, the only reliable solution has been to seek government assistance. Australia is one of the nations that have been doing everything possible to help employers stay afloat in their endeavors.

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Besides providing funds, the Australian government is doing everything possible to provide employers with the right information to sustain their businesses.

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If you have not heard about the employers’ covid19 gov benefits, then it’s high time you think about your business. Account Stability are among the many bookkeepers in Adelaide to help guide business owners and take this opportunity and pursue the many ways the government is helping the Australian business sector and the Adelaide employers. And here are excellent government benefits you should take into account.


The Australian gov has promised to help employers who take part in a new Australian Apprentice. The government has set aside $1.2 billion to boost businesses and Group Training institutions that offer Australian Apprenticeships. This is an opportunity for employers who want to take in new trainees or apprentices to benefit from this subsidy.

An Australian Apprenticeship is all about giving opportunities to individuals with a nationally accepted qualification and on-the-job experience. It’s an opportunity available to any individual of working age regardless of their level of education. This government initiative will offer those who have lost their jobs or struggling to find a job an opportunity to get things together.

Organizations or employees who engage with Australian Apprentice on or after 5 October 2020 will be entitled to this incredible subsidy. They will be eligible for 50 percent of wages paid to the Apprentice to a total of $7,000 until 30 September 2021.

This is an initiative that will support more than 100,000 new apprentices not only in Adelaide but also across Australia. Small and medium businesses will also get a chance to keep their trainees at work, and those training to be better employees.


Employers looking forward to merit from the COVID-19 Australian government benefits should give the business resilience package a second thought. The government has set aside $3 billion to assist businesses that have been affected by the ongoing restrictions to curb the spread of coronavirus.

The Victorian government is offering this package in the form of tax relief, cash grants, and cashflow funding to help businesses in need. This package will aid employers and offer them a way out to keep their subordinates in jobs.

The business resilience package offers business support in the form of grants that will back around more than 75,000 eligible employers. Businesses can apply for the Licensed Hospitality Venue Fund that offers funds to pubs, hotels, reception centers, bars and restaurant grants of up to $30,000.


The JobKeeper Payment is another outstanding covid19 gov benefits eligible to many employees in Australia. This scheme has been extended until 28 March 2021 to help many employers who care about their employees and businesses. Employers need to keep in mind that the rates of payment will change.

The rates of payment will change depending on how long an eligible employee works. Significantly, the rates will depend on how long an eligible employer is engaged in the business of choice.

The rates for the JobKeeper Payment scheme are exclusive and will include;

  • First Tier of $1,200 per fortnight and
  • The second tier of about $750 per fortnight

The good news? The JobKeeper Payment Scheme will remain open for all new individuals or employers who participate. However, they have to meet the set eligibility requirement and for the specified period.


The Australian government is doing everything possible to map the nation’s challenging journey toward COVID-19 normalcy. The government is offering funds and other cashflow boosting solutions to employers and help affected businesses.

The government is also encouraging job seekers, apprentices, and trainees to take this opportunity to look for jobs and work hard. Substantially, there are COVID-19 gov benefits they can pursue and pick up the pieces and improve their livelihood.