How to become a professional cleaner and what are job opportunities in this profession?

Are you courageous and not afraid of efforts, and want to act for the well-being of all? The job of professional cleaner and hygiene agent can be done for you!

The cleaner and hygiene agent is a cleaning professional. He is in charge of the maintenance of various spaces in order to keep them clean and healthy on a daily basis.

Public places – subways, streets, stations, museums, restaurants, shops – or private spaces – offices, apartments, houses, premises for personal use – the maintenance and hygiene agent passes, cleans, disinfects, scrubs, scrubs , tidy up, so that everything is spotless. Industrial cleaning, premises cleaning, premises maintenance, premises hygiene, office cleaning, dusting, stripping… This is the daily life of the hygiene and maintenance agent!

A Professional cleaner helps to keep the premises entrusted to them clean and in good working order. They performs the cleaning operations of surfaces and installations. This officer must ensure that on a daily basis, everything is clean and well maintained. So that the staff of the company can work in good conditions. This profession is also known under the name of: Cleaner of premises and surfaces, surface technician, industrial cleaner, maintenance and cleaning agent.

Carpet cleaner: Person who cleans carpets using a machine in private or public houses or establishments. It begins by examining the condition and extent of the coating and then evaluates the cost of the work to be done. He or She vacuumed, removes encrusted dirt by vigorously brushing the carpet and chooses a suitable product before cleaning in the machine. He or She can also clean upholstered furniture like armchairs and sofas.

Armed with his daily tools (broom, vacuum cleaner, rags, disinfectant or larger machines such as auto washers or blowers for leaves and street rubbish), this professional does not let any dirt pass. He must also respect very strict hygiene rules that change depending on the place where he operates.

The multi-skilled maintenance worker works in a team, under the direction of a manager. He can choose to specialize in a specific field: hospital cleaning, maintenance of green spaces, work at height (window washing), etc.

You can start your own business: Many buildings and houses have carpets and these often get dirty. If you are a committed entrepreneur who enjoys hard work, you can turn this dirt into an opportunity to make money from your own carpet cleaning business.

Characteristics, salary and development prospects

The hygiene and maintenance agent or service agent is a profession which recruits a lot and where the prospects are numerous, which is not the case for many professions.

Namely that the schedules of a cleaner are often out of step with “traditional” jobs: he generally works early in the morning or late at night, to intervene when the population is not on site. Otherwise, he must be as discreet as possible so as not to disturb people in their activities. He is also sometimes required to work weekends and public holidays.

Other information, the accumulation and the part-time are very frequent situations among the hygiene agents.

Regarding the salary of this profession, it is around the minimum wage. After several years of experience, there are prospects for development: the agent can progress to a position of team leader, or even, why not, set up his own cleaning company!

What are the qualities required to practice this profession?

To be a maintenance and hygiene agent or a cleaner, it is necessary to be a hard worker, courageous and motivated. It is also necessary to be particularly meticulous and applied , to clean in the most irreproachable way possible.

On the other hand, you have to be gifted with good interpersonal skills to be able to succeed in working properly in a team. Rigor, discretion and autonomy are also highly valued in this profession.

How to get job in cleaning

Has a great cleaning skill: Anyone can learn to clean, but few people know all the tricks to getting a quality cleaning. Having great cleaning skills will help you work more efficiently and professionally. Apply all your skills so that your clients admire the way you work. They will not hesitate to hire you again and recommend you.

Portals, private houses, offices …

After becoming a professional cleaner, there are many job opportunities when it comes to working hourly cleaning. The most common thing is to go to a private home as an individual worker, but you can also be hired by a cleaning company where you can clean in offices, portals, hotels, cafeterias, schools …

Choose what you would best adapt to or what you would most like to work on. For example, in you will be able to find various job offers in cleaning companies.

From there, you may have access to other opportunities, such as cleaning job offers as a carpet cleaner in cleaning company.

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