Recruiting Tip: Adding New Talent to the Workplace

Although the current workforce is full of people looking for regular employment, there is an important population in the economy where some organisations fail to recruit talent. This sector includes people with documented disabilities. These workers may have had bad experiences in their previous jobs, experiencing poor attitudes or outright instances of discrimination.

People with disabling conditions are capable of making a solid contribution to your workplace. They just need to find a workplace where other workers cooperate with them and treat them with respect. One idea is to study your current recruitment practices and find new ways to reach out to people with disabilities.

Just like all workers who perform better when they have good morale and favourable working conditions, people with disabilities will strive to help your organisation reach its goals. Like other employees, their continued employment is part of the overall company’s success.

Think about how your workplace can send a consistent message to people with disabilities that the organisation makes it possible for them to find a good job and advance in the organisation based on their contribution.

Employers that make a concerted effort to recruit people of all ability levels build a better reputation in their industry. Word-of-mouth is one way that the diversity-friendly workplace gains new applicants with disabilities spreads. Workers want to apply to the organisation because they learn from other workers and contacts that your organisation will develop employees and retain them even while working with their unique challenges.

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